​Jasmine Renee has dedicated her life to helping people understand their Spirit Path. She is a teacher, motivator, blogger and an amazing woman.
She lives in Phoenix Arizona with her two cats.  

This April 2018, Jasmine is beginning to teach the 101 courses of Beyond the Veil’s Law of attraction, which is not equal to any version on Earth. There was only one reason she received this.; her life on earth was coming to a close, and a group of spirits and other entities hoped she would teach this to the spirit realm’s Third Plane, which normally is taught on the fourth through seventh  planes in the spirit realms.

Their reason for teaching Jasmine was to help reduce the growing crises in the third plane. These spirits are aware they had died. They are confused since they are presently living the same conditions they experienced on earth. Nobody is able to find heaven, even after going to the light.

January 2018 the Hippie Ghost Band requested Jasmine to start to teach their Sacred Beyond the Veil’s Path on earth.

How would you like to learn?
1.What is the Silver Platter given to each of us at birth?
a. How does this same platter exists with us after death?
b. The ego and spirit’s purpose on Earth and in Spirit realm.
c. Our ego does not die.
d. The Ego-subconscious-data base and its necessity.
e. Spirit and Ego are design to work hand and hand.

2. You are a Thoughtform. You Created Your Own Hell. How Can You Create Heaven.?

3.  Finding Your Spirit Path
a. What did you seek to heal this lifetime, via the family you chose?
b. Where is Uranus placed in your natal chart? Why is it important?
c. Joining the spirit and the ego to create a new you.

4. Healing techniques to eliminate Your Present Time Hell
a. Viewing your morals values, and beliefs that stretch back to B.C. 
b. Training the ego to help design with your spirit.


The Hippie Ghost Band has channeled their message on the Ego and Spirit, while speaking about 

Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction 101

This link provides a channel video with 
the Hippie Ghost Band


​​Jasmine Renee Abbott

Author, Medium, Teacher of the Hippie Ghost Way

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Jasmine Renee Abbott
Spirit Wind Speaker

Hippie Ghost Band

Spirit Wind Speaker 

Jasmine Renee Abbott

Jasmine Renee, a retired professional reader, just recently stepped out of retirement, to honor a request given to her by a spirit group who calls themselves, The Hippie Ghost Band. Prior to her retirement, Jasmine maintained her own private practice, as well as guest spots on A1-Psychic radio for over forty years. She now is back to teach The Hippie Ghost Band’s Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction

From 2013 through 2015, the Hippie Ghost Band taught her how to draw on both Inspirational and Tarot cards to aid her walk on her spirit path. Jasmine now is offering the same type of tarot readings to you.

She offers another way to view your life, as she ushers the breath of hope, to those, who often have repeatedly hit to many dead ends.

Jasmine’s expertise is her capability of communicating with your spirit. and spirit guide. 

It is through this, you will discover the areas in your life that cause you to self-sabotage in areas of relationship, job, finances and other daily conditions.