Spirit Wind Speaker 

Jasmine Renee Abbott

Spirit Wind Speaker
Hippie Ghost Band

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PAY HERE $180. per hour 

To schedule your personal session, please email:

Jasmine Renee Abbott at info@HippieGhostBand.com with desired date and time. 

We will make every effort to accommodate your request. We need to receive payment prior to your appointment. At the time we schedule your consultation we will provide you an Skype meeting notice or address to travel to. If you need to mail payment an address will be provided.

We cannot affect the negative that now occupies 92% of our world and is weaved into the fabric of the spirit realm’s 2nd and 3rd planes. 

They are feeding off each other. 

We cannot change this.

What I can offer, along with the spirits and other dimensions I work with is another way. Are you ready?

Personal Spirit Path Readings:

A 60-minute reading with Jasmine Renee will reveal :

Your spirit path, where to begin.

Spirit Path Parties Now Available through Skype

Hostess’s reading is free.

Guests: 20 minutes for forty dollars.

Minimum guests: 5

Maximum guests:10

Do you seek the Spirit Path?
Are you curious where to start?
Do you feel you have a mission but can't figure it out?

​Are you curious where to start?
Help is on the way through the Hippie Ghost Band Path. 

Learn the Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction,

which these Hippies learned.

Jasmine Renee Abbott